First day

Last thursday I had my first day at STEIM. During my three months as an intern I will be working at the hardware department, helping Richard Scott with his WiGi.

Before me, June worked on the WiGi already. He developed the instrument up till now, but Richard found difficulties with using the WiGi. From these problems I got two main goals for myinternship.

  1. Replace the Buchla Lightning with custom hardware, improving the durability and not constraining his possibilities.
  2. Improve the ergonomics of the WiGi so that Richard can make full use of its functions.

At my first day I started exploring JunXion and LiSa to get familiar with Richards way of working. I was unable to get LiSa working, but I came as far as making music with a Wiimote, by combining JunXion with Ableton Live.

Some first ideas to replace Scotts Buchla:

  • Place cameras in the handsets (big data stream, maybe to slow?)
  • Xbox Kinect sensors (slow and low resolution?)
  • JunXion video processing (use of color tracking? hard to get rid of noise)
  • Wiimote IR tracking (Arduino? how to incorporate? This seems best solution)


The Wiimote has an IR camera which tracks up to 4 IR lights. Maybe this can be uses with Processing for Arduino. JunXion can read out the IR point’s XY, so maybe Arduino is not needed. Im I done when I connect two Wiimote IR cameras? This way everything can be done with JunXion.



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